Men's swimwear thongs come in many shapes and sizes and there is one that is perfect for you. There are male enhancement thongs, micro thongs, string style thongs, small and large bulge thongs and even the newest an extremely popular male to female transformation designs.

Men's Swimwear Thong

The hottest thongs on the planet.

Did you know the market for men's swimwear thongs is exploding and more men are wearing them than ever. Go to any hip beach and you might see more men wearing thongs and bikinis than you will surf shorts. Thongs leave the best tan line and there is nothing quite as sexy as a nicely tan rear. Another thing you might not know is that the hottest thongs have been made for years in the USA. It used to be that the Europeans made the nicest most extreme swimwear styles but that is no longer the case. The hottest styles of bikinis, thongs, G-strings and other bulge and non bulge style swimwear fashions are made in the USA, Los Angeles to be exact!

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